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Eaton 93PR UPS – Documentation


Eaton 93PR UPS Brochure
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93PR 25-75kW Installation Operation Manual
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Eaton 93PR UPS – Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Power Rating 25-200 kW
Output Power Factor 1
Voltage 380, 400, 415V
Frequency 50 or 60Hz
Efficiency >96% in Double conversion
> 99% in Energy Saver System
Footprint 0.61m²
Configuration Tower

Eaton 93PR UPS – Features


  • Maximum double conversion efficiency
    The 93PR offers the highest double conversion efficiency in the market, reaching above 96%.
  • Optimised double conversion efficiency - Variable Module Management System (VMMS)
    VMMS can optimise the load levels of power modules in a single 93PR UPS or in parallel systems, by suspending extra UPS capacity.
    This means not only greater efficiency at lower load levels, but optimum efficiency at all load levels.
  • Energy Saver System delivers superior > 99% efficiency
    Energy Saver System enables > 99% efficiency across the UPS operating range. In ESS, load is powered securely through static bypass line with double conversion available on-demand with typical 2 ms transition time in the event of any abnormality on supply source. When operating in ESS mode, load is protected with inherent surge suppression.
  • Hot swappable and hot scalable
    The 93PR’s power module can be replaced or added while another module continues protecting the load.
    This eliminates the need to go to bypass for module replacement or upgrading (MTTR: 0 minutes). 
    Replacement and upgrade (N+1) operations typically take less than 10 minutes.
  • Easy management
    The 93PR provides easier access to detailed status information through its large, user-friendly 7” LCD touchscreen interface.
    With the 93PR’s graphical LCD interface you can track statistics on energy savings, battery time, outage tracking, load profiling and much more. The green/yellow/red LED light-bars make system status visible from a distance in data centres.
  • Advanced battery management
    Unique charging algorithm prolongs battery service life significantly compared to traditional charging methods. 
    Automatic battery tests ensure any defects on batteries are detected and failed blocks replaced on time. 
    Battery health data is available for viewing easily through the display. Being able to monitor the condition of batteries and history log of test data, system maintenance can be better planned and scheduled ahead.


Eaton 93PR UPS Technical Specifications

UPS output power rating (1.0 p.f.) 25, 50, 75, 100, 125, 150, 175, 200kW
Efficiency in double conversion mode > 96%
Efficiency in Energy Saver System (ESS) > 99%
Static bypass rating 200kW
External paralleling up to 4 units with HotSync technology
UPS topology Double conversion
UPS degree of protection IP20
Acoustic noise at 1 m, in 25 °C ambient temperature < 70 dBA in double conversion
< 55 dBA in ESS
Altitude (max) 1000m above sea level at 40 °C. Maximum 2000m with 1% derating per each add. 100 m
Rated input voltage 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V 50/60 Hz
Voltage tolerance - Rectifier input 187 to 276 V
Voltage tolerance - Bypass input rated voltage -15% / +10%
Rated input frequency
Frequency tolerance
50 or 60 Hz, user configurable
40 to 72 Hz
Input wiring 3 phase + neutral
Input power factor at 100% load > 0.99
Input ITHD < 3%
Rated input r.m.s current 25kW 50kW 75kW 100kW 125kW 150kW 175kW 200kW
380V 40 A 80 A 120 A 159 A 199 A 239 A 278 A 318 A
400V 38 A 76 A 114 A 151 A 189 A 227 A 264 A 302 A
415V 37 A 73 A 110 A 146 A 182 A 219 A 255 A 291 A
Soft start capability Yes
Internal backfeed protection Yes
Output wiring 3 phase + neutral
Rated output voltage rating 220/380 V, 230/400 V, 240/415 V, configurable
Total voltage harmonic distortion < 1% (100% linear load); < 5% (100% non-linear load)
Output power factor 1.0
Permitted load power factor 0,8 lagging - 0,8 leading
Overload on inverter 10 min 102-110%; 60 sec 111-125%; 10 sec 126-150%; 300 ms > 150%.
Overload on bypass Continuous < 125%, 20 ms 1000%
Battery type 12V, VRLA
Charging method ABM technology or Float
Temperature compensation Optional
Battery nominal voltage (VRLA) 480 V
Battery quantity 36 to 44 blocks. Default is 40 blocks
Charge current limit Default 5A, configurable maximum 25A per UPM
Battery start capability Yes
Minislot 3 communication bays
Network/SNMP interface Yes, optional
Serial ports Built-in host and device USB
Standard connectivity ports Mini-slot ports for optional cards, Device USB and Host USB, RS-232 service port, relay output, 5 building alarm inputs and a dedicated EPO, Web and SNMP card
  MiniSlot connectivity (Web/SNMP, ModBus/Jbus, Relay)
External Battery Cabinet(EBC)
Parallel Tie Cabinet(PTC)
External Maintenance Bypass Switches(EMBS)
External Battery Cabinet Breaker(EBCB)
Compliance with standards
Safety IEC 62040-1
EMC IEC 62040-2